Executive Board of Directors

Zlatko Minev
 Leadership Committee

Darryl Seligman
Executive Director
Expansion Committee

Sharif Kronemer
Executive Director
Digital Content Committee


Courtney Smith
Expansion Committee

Shannon Leslie
School Visits & Mentorship Committee

Ashley Bauer
Public Relations Committee

Diane Yu
Event Exectuive Director,
Science Cafe Committee

Dandan Ji
Event Director,
Science Cafe Committee


Lina Kroehling, Digital Content Director

Fellows and Members 

  • Savannah Thais, Event coordinator
  • Charles Brown, Fellow
  • Molly Gale, Fellow
  • Michelle Hutchings, Fellow
  • Andrew Barentine, Fellow
  • Robin Canavan, Fellow
  • Tyler Rice, Fellow
  • Eric Jin, Fellow
  • Alex Co
  • Scott Antipa
  • Wes Robertson
  • William Culligan
  • Nathan Anderson
  • Caroline Muraida
  • Anna Vinton
  • Ariana Hackenburg
  • Curtis Perry
  • Guste Urbonaite
  • Holly Merta
  • Joey Schmitt
  • Lauren Gonzalez
  • Ling Shao
  • Nicholas Frattini

 Community Partnerships

  • Claudia Merson, Director of Public School Partnerships,
    Office of New Haven & State Affairs
  • Maria Parente, Pathways to Science Program Manager,
    Office of New Haven & State Affairs

Close Partner Organizations

  • Yale League of Black Scientist 
  • ManyMentors | STEM mentoring
  • Graduate and Professional Student Senate, Yale University
  • Pathways to Science, Office of New Haven and State Affairs,  Yale University

University of Pennsylvania

  • Boyang Qin, Executive Director, Event Coordination
  • Elizabeth Hunter, Assistant Director, Event Coordination
  • Kevin Sweeney, Assistant Director, Event Coordination, Funding
  • Justin Walsh, Assistant Director, Event Coordination
  • Lee Dietterich, Event coordination
  • Daniel Pak, Event coordination
  • Meagan Ita, Event coordination
  • JoAna Smith, Event coordination, Funding
  • Minhul Kohari, Event coordination
  • Michelle Lu
  • Aurora MacRae-Crerar

Princeton University

  • Aida Behmard, Director, Founder
  • Matt Grobis, Director
  • Becca Napolitano
  • Eric Blow
  • Isabel Morris
  • Johnny Greco
  • Laura Chang

Columbia University

  • Kirsten Blancato, Director, Founder
  • Nicole Melso, Director, Founder
  • Darshini Mahadevia
  • Kelsey McCoy
  • Pratyush Nalam
  • Gaurav Ragtah
  • Cait Williamson
  • Gabriela Caires


  • Aida Behmard, Director, Founder, Princeton
  • Matt Grobis, Director, Princeton
  • Stan Najmr, Associate Coordinator, Penn
  • Jordyn Feingold, Executive Director; Founder, Penn
  • Staff Sheehan, GPSS Social Committee Chair, Chief Science Officer at Waste Hub
  • Faye Maison, S.C.H.O.L.A.R Program Coordinator, Pathways to Science
  • Verner Wilson III, GPSS Social Committee Chair
  • Kristy Gauthier, GPSS Community Service Committee Chair
  • Anthony Mecum, GPSS Community Service Committee Chair
  • Ramiro Nandez, GPSS Community Service Committee Senator
  • Igor Barros, GPSS Community Service Committee Senator
  • Christian Watkins, GPSS Community Service Committee Senator
  • Dhruv Ranganathan, Ph.D. Mathematics, Yale University
  • Zoraya Hightower, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies


The time, help and support of these people were the key ingredient to making Open Labs a reality:

  • Giselle DeVito, Administrative Associate, Applied Physics
  • Maria Rao, Administrative Associate, Applied Physics
  • Steven Girvin, Deputy Provost for Science & Technology
  • Daniel Prober, Professor of Applied Physics, Physics & Electrical Engineering
  • Michel Devoret, Frederick William Beinecke Professor of Applied Physics & Physics

Open Labs @ Penn Team with some of the Yale team, After Penn's INAUGURAL Science Cafe

Open Labs @ Yale Team, after a Science Cafe

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