2016 Spring Science Cafe at Yale was a success!

On Sunday, April 10th, Yale Open Labs hosted another successful Science Cafe event! Over 100 students and parents, along with dozens of graduate student volunteers, took time out of their busy schedules to listen to four fantastic science talks given by graduate students who perform cutting edge science at Yale.

Our first speaker, Charles Brown, is a PhD student in Physics and gave an outstanding talk on quantum uncertainty. This talk was followed up with an exciting story presented by Pathology PhD student, Molly Gale, about a successful targeted cancer therapy used in the treatment of breast cancer. Our third speaker was Andrew Barentine who gave us an overview of very "cool" work he did involving use of super cold atoms. Finally, Michelle Hutchings, a PhD student in Chemistry, told us about the road to how scientists like her go about identifying the many potential uses of tiny microbes.

Following the talks, students got to ask the speakers and other volunteer graduate students about science, their research, as well as college and careers. There were some great questions asked following the talks as well as at the small group discussions. The students, parents, and graduate students all learned a lot from each other and had a great time!

Thank you to all of the students and parents who attended the Yale Science Cafe! Without you, this event wouldn't be possible! A special thank you to all of the speakers. graduate student volunteers, and Pathways to Science team for helping out and making this event such a success! We can't wait for future Science Cafes and Open Labs events!

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